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Best Start

The Best Start initiative is an ongoing commitment in all government schools. It is intended to ensure that all students are on track in their literacy and numeracy learning by Year 3.

Best Start is inclusive: All children have the opportunity to participate. Teachers of students with confirmed disabilities and/or special needs are additionally supported in building a profile that informs quality teaching and learning programs for these students.

As unique individuals, children begin school with a range of experience of literacy and numeracy. The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment provides teachers with a consistent set of quality assessment tools which enables them to identify each student's literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills at the beginning of Kindergarten.

It is very important to emphasise that Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is not a test. Its purpose is to help the teacher gather information to guide the teaching of your child.

At Brookvale PS, during the first 3 days of school, Kindergarten students are withdrawn individually from their classrooms to spend some time with one teacher. This teacher will use simple strategies such as reading a storybook, looking at pictures and numbers to observe your child's early reading and writing, their ability to communicate with others, and how they recognise and work with numbers, groups and patterns.

The teacher's observations will provide specific information on your child's skills and knowledge. This enables Kindergarten teachers to then plan differentiated teaching and learning programs that directly meet the needs of each individual child.

Following the Best Start Assessment, you will be given feedback about what your child's teacher has learned about your child. This feedback will also provide you with ideas about how you can support your child at home.