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Opportunity Class

Opportunity classes are for high potential and gifted students in Year 5 and 6 who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic and social level. Through these classes, students have the opportunity to develop positive relationships with like-minded peers and learn alongside others of similar ability.

Starting in 2025, Brookvale Public School will have an intake of 15 Year 5 students each year. For 2025, the Opportunity Class (OC) will have 15 students. In subsequent years the class will have a total enrolment of 30 (15 students from Year 5 and 15 students from Year 6).

At Brookvale Public School, students will learn together with classmates who have similar abilities. This will allow teachers to use special teaching strategies to move students through the curriculum at a faster pace and in more depth.

When learning alongside other high potential and gifted classmates, student benefit both academically and socially. These students love learning with others who also enjoy asking questions, delving deeply into topics and being challenged academically.

For more information or to apply, please visit: NSW Department of Education Website - Opportunity Classes (Years 5-6)

Information for students who are interested in applying can be found via the Student Resource Hub