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The study of mathematics is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10. 

By studying mathematics, students learn to work mathematically – developing fluency, understanding, problem-solving, reasoning and communication skills.

The syllabus consists of the following strands:

  • number and algebra
  • measurement and geometry
  • statistics and probability.

Stage 1 MathsStage 1 MathsStage 1 Maths



Our innovative mathematics programs are supported by the use of hands on materials and equipment including internet resources such as Mathletics. Students at Brookvale Public School are engaged in creative, meaningful and effective programs that instill mathematical thinking, understanding and confidence in applying Mathematics to their everyday lives.

In NSW, the Board of Studies has worked closely with teachers and key education stakeholders to develop syllabuses that include the Australian curriculum content and further detail that clarifes learning.

In 2015, the new K-10 Mathematics syllabus was implemented in schools across NSW.

Students develop mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of learning experiences across:

  • Number and Algebra, eg whole numbers and fractions and decimals
  • Measurement and Geometry, eg length, area and time
  • Statistics and Probability, eg data and chance.

They develop problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning and communication.

Students in Stage 3 develop a deeper understanding of Statistics and Probability.

Stage 1 Maths