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The aim of Geography in Years K–10 is to stimulate students' interest in and engagement with the world. Through geographical inquiry they develop an understanding of the interactions between people, places and environments across a range of scales in order to become informed, responsible and active citizens. (NSW, BOSTES, History syllabus)

The new K-10 Geography syllabus will become compulsory in 2017.

Brookvale are going to be involved in trialling the new syllabus in Term 4 2016. Students will focus on the 7 geographical concepts; place, space, environment, interconnection, scale, sustainability and change. Students will engage in inquiry based learning through fieldwork, map reading, graphs and statistics reading, spatial technologies and visual representations.

In term 4 the areas of trial studies will be:




People live in places

Stage 1

Features of places

Stage 2

Places are similar and different

Stage 3

Factors that shape places


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