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HSIE & History

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), in collaboration with states and territories, has developed agreed Australian curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography.

In NSW, BOSTES has worked closely with teachers and key education stakeholders to develop syllabuses that include the Australian curriculum content and further detail that clarifes learning. As a result of this work, Kindergarten to Year 10 syllabuses provide direction to ensure greater consistency between NSW schools.

  • The HSIE K–6 Syllabus (1998) will be replaced by the History K–10 and Geography K–10 syllabuses as they are implemented in K–6 schools.
  • In 2016, all K–6 schools will teach the new History syllabus in place of the Change and Continuity strand in the current HSIE K–6 Syllabus.
  • When K–6 schools begin teaching the new Geography syllabus, it will be in place of the Cultures, Environments and Social Systems and Structures strands in the current HSIE K–6 Syllabus.


  • Students investigate their personal, family and community history.
  • They develop understanding of Australia's Indigenous and colonial history and how Australia became a nation.
  • Students learn about historical concepts, such as viewing an historical event from a different point of view, and historical skills, such as using historical sources for an investigation.


  • Students investigate people, places and environments.
  • They explore geographical concepts, such as place and sustainability, through real world examples and issues.
  • Students learn how to acquire, process and communicate geographical information using geographical tools and inquiry.



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