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Parent Resources

Managing Homework

Homework is an important part of learning, but sometimes parents find it hard to keep up with what needs to be done. Here is a range of resources to point you in the right direction. There are also some useful tips and help sheets to improve study skills in these areas.

Healthy Eating

As the saying goes 'you are what you eat.' Schools AtoZ have put together a range of tips and recipe ideas to help you make sure your child adopts healthy eating patterns for learning and life.

Technology at Home

Find out about all the technologies your child could be using at school, at home and on the go. Schools Atoz have heaps of great information on how gadgets work, their good points and what things you may need to be careful of.

Subsidies and Grants

A number of scholarships, grants and allowances are available to assist students with their education. Details can be found on the NSW Schools Website.

Adult Numeracy and Literacy

The following websites provide information for parents who would like support with their own reading, writing and number skills.


Tips and Hints for Parents

All about apostrophes

Not knowing where to place apostrophes can haunt people for their entire lives. Here's an easy guide to help your child understand what they mean, how to use them and get them right, now. Find out more:


Multiplication times tables

Does your child need encouragement? Explain to them that learning times tables = instant, painless recall in exams. Here's School A to Z's help sheet:


Sorting fact from fiction

Help your child develop their "dodgy website" antennae when doing homework. Here are ways your child can tell a good website – or any document – from a bad one. Find out more: