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Local enrolment area

Most schools have designated local enrolment areas. The School Finder shows our local enrolment area. Note: local enrolment areas are subject to change.

Our local intake area is changing. 

  • From the start of 2023, new enrolments can only be accepted from residents living inside the new local intake area
  • Parents can still apply as a non-local enrolment to an out of intake area school and their application will be considered on a case-by-case basis in line with the Department’s enrolment policy

Between August 2020 and Term 4 2022, parents and carers who live at an address impacted by these adjustments, will have the option to either:

  • Enrol their children in the school they are currently designated to
  • Enrol their children in the school they will be designated to in 2023


From 2023, students can continue to enrol in the current school intake area school if they have a sibling in that school. This is regardless of whether the school is at enrolment capacity.

Starting Kindergarten

Your child can start Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five on or before 31 July in that year. By law, all children must be enrolled in school by their sixth birthday. Because students start new work in their new class at the beginning of the school year, it would be an advantage for your child both socially and educationally, to start school as soon as possible in the new year.

Online enrolments need to be completed as soon as possible so that we can plan staffing and class sizes.