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Public Speaking

Public Speaking


As children move through various stages of their schooling and into their adult lives they will be required to communicate with other people, both professionally and socially. Despite the importance of mastering effective and efficient communication strategies, speaking to others can be a daunting prospect even to adults, particularly in front of audiences. Public Speaking at Brookvale equips children with the skills required to enable them to become effective, confident and competent communicators.

The Public Speaking program at Brookvale guides students in the development of oral communication skills, including the use of tone and emphasis, fluency, good articulation, adding pause, varying expression and adjusting volume.  Students are also educated in the use of appropriate body language such as gesture, eye contact, posture and stance. The Public Speaking program also builds competence in speech-writing and text organisation, increases vocabulary, builds an understanding and awareness of local, national and world affairs, and provides them with basic principles of debating.

Brookvale participates annually in the nationally recognised Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition. Brookvale has succeeded in achieving regional levels in this competition, providing students with the opportunity to further their use of communication techniques and strategies in a more formal and competitive environment. Public Speaking at Brookvale equips your child with the skills to be a confident and capable communicator for life.